Laura Prepon Plastic Surgery – She Has many works for Her Face

Known for her role as Donna Pinclott in all of the eight seasons of sitcom That 70’s Show, Laura Prepon is an American actress, model and film producer, born in New Jersey on 7 March 1980. Her name also gained public acclaim for the role of Hannah Daniels on October Road and as Alex Vause in Orange is the New Black, the Netflix original show. Her long appearance in That 70’s Show from 1998 to 2006 earned her a nomination for a Teen Choice Award in 2002.Following her appearance on That 70’s Show, Prepon appointed for some roles in television as a guest star, including in How I Met Your Mother, Medium, and Castle. She began her acting career in 1995 by performing in some plays and studied drama at Thomas’ Total Theatre Lab in the following year to support her interest. They Go On; an Internet-based soap opera was her debut to perform in a show. She also worked as a model and has done several photo shoots in Paris, Milan, and Brazil. Prepon appeared twice on the cover of Maxim and has done TV advertisement for Gap clothing. Besides her acting career, Prepon also appointed as a presenter for several award shoes including Second Annual TV Guide Awards in 200, 2000 Teen Choice Awards, and the 28th Annual American Music Awards in 2001. Pepin was named one of Stuff magazine list’ ‘102 Sexist Women in The World’ in 2002 and one of the Maxim’s ‘Hot 100’ in 2005.

Looks Young is Always Good

Laura Prepon’s plastic surgery becomes one of the hottest rumor among Hollywood entertainment media as people started to realize that the actress seems to gain many benefits from plastic surgery procedures. Significant change can be observed from Laura Prepon images, in which she looks much younger in her late thirty. It is uncommon for a man to have sudden fresher look without any help of a surgeon to get their appearance refined. After plastic surgery, she cannot hide from the public that there is something that she had done in order to get that flawless face, without any aging signs. When reaching the age of thirty, Laura Prepon started to have some wrinkles and lines on her face, particularly her forehead. But as the Botox and facelift had treated on her face, she looks like a woman in her twenty. From some recent images, people also observe that there is a significant change in the actress’ nose. After plastic surgery, she has better form and refined look of the nasal area, one benefit that Prepon proudly gain from a nose work. Additionally, plumper and fuller cheeks are also believed to be the result of plastic surgery which gives the perfect actress look of a young woman. Cheek implant may be the best answer for the current result of plastic surgery as one of the procedures she had taken to gain such a perfectly fresh and young appearance.



Started to be Disastrous

There have been many stories told about how overdone plastic surgery leads into many disadvantages to the users like health problem as many chemical components rest in the body, the psychological problem as many people start to mock at and bully them for the unwanted result of the surgical procedure. Plastic surgery started to appear disastrous look on the actress’ face, shown from several recent her photographs. As the result of many surgical procedures she had taken, Laura Prepon looks no longer beautiful with too sleek forehead and stiff facial feature, combined with chubbier cheeks. Hopefully, she realized that it is not a good idea to go under the knife for several times and get it overdone and let the nature works as it supposed to be.

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