Kyle Richards and Plastic Surgery – Solution for Low Self-Esteem

Kyle Richards is known as an American actress and television personality and gained her popularity with her role on Bravo’s The real Housewives of Beverly Hills along with her sister, Kim Richards. She began her acting career in 1974 at the age of 15 by appearing in eighteen episodes of the television series titled Little House on the Prairie, Police Woman and Escape to Witch Mountain.She also appeared in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation in 2012 in one of its episode “Life and Death: part 1”.During 1970s, Richards’ name received public attention from public for her appearances on several television series and few horror films including Halloween in 1978. In the 1980s, she was mostly appeared as role minor, included made-for-television, direct-to-video, or other video work. Aired from 2010, she with Kim Richards, her sister, appearing on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Additionally, people know Richards for her role as herself in episodes of several television series, including Betty White’s Off Their Rockers in 2013. She also appeared in Lady Gaga’sG.U.Y. music vides released in 2014.Besides her acting career, Richards also ventured business career by launching an innovative boutique concept, Kyle by Alene Too. The boutique launched in 2012 and feature exciting new fashions, trends, and accessories by the world’s top exclusive designers. Her controversial personal life is also another thing which made her well-known in Hollywood’s entertainment media. She was married at the age of 18 with Guraish Aldjufrie when she was pregnant, but the couple separated in 1990 after two years marriage. In 1994, Richards met her second husband Mauricio Umansky, a Los Angeles real estate broker.


Lips Reformation for Higher Self-Esteem

Richard is a beautiful woman; everyone must be agreed with that. And it is quite shocking to know the fact that the actress had suffered from low-esteem concerning her appearance. Concern. And it is quite shocking to know the fact that the actress had suffered from low-esteem concerning her appearance. Concerning the fact, Kyle Richards plastic surgery rumor is actually a fact; she had been officially admitted that she had done under the knife in order to give some changes to her look with its aim to raise her confidence. From Kyle Richards photographs, we can observe that she had a significant change in her look, particularly in her facial feature. Previously, before plastic surgery he had small and thin lips. It seemed to trouble her, and Richard decided to conduct liposuction in order to form thicker lips which considered being one of beauty demands in Hollywood entertainment world. She thought that she was not pretty enough to compete in the harsh business of television entertainment media. Additionally, she also admitted that before the liposuction she had conducted a rhinoplasty procedure in order to reform her nose into the better look and once again, solving her low self-esteem problem that she has been suffered from the very first time she worked as entertainment. Fortunately for the actress, after plastic surgery, she enables to cope her low self-esteem problem as it shows a great result and works well on her.

She Dares to Admit It

One thing that we need to appreciate from the actress of The Wives of Beverly Hills is how she admitted about plastic surgery openly to the media. There are not many entertainers who bravely admit to public that they had go under the knife in order to give them a better look and support their careers. According to her, there is nothing wrong about plastic surgery since it is a private matter and no one has any media to interfere it. However, some people still assume that she is brave to admit it because plastic surgery gives her some benefits both for her psychological problem and physical look and it may be different if the plastic surgery result gives her disastrous look.

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