Kesha Plastic Surgery – Transformation of the Party Lover

Born as Kesha Rose Sebert in Los Angeles, California on 1 March 1987, Kesha is known as the singer of number-one singles in the United States, TikTokand We R Who We R. She started her music career by signing a contract to producer Dr. Luke’s record label and singing background vocals in 2005. Kesha released her debut album Animal in 2010 which successfully earned her immediate commercial success internationally as the album became the number-one album in the United States. The album was certified platinum in the United States and had sold two million copies worldwide. Warrior is Kesha’s second album, released in 2012 with hit single TikTokwhich enlisted as one of the best-selling digital singles in history, selling over 14 million units internationally. This song broke the record in the United States for the highest single-week sales and enlisted her name as the first female artist who received this achievement in 2003. One notable characteristic of the singer is her unpolished aesthetic and juvenile stage persona which earned her various acclaims and critics. During her career, she has been nominated for over 40 awards and winning more than fifteen awards, including the MTV Europe Music Award for Best New Act in 2010 and several Billboard Awards. It is reported in 2013 that Kesha has sold over 35 million records including her albums, tracks, and ringtones in the United States and 57 million worldwide.On the other hand, Kesha also works in some philanthropic activities, and she was named rights group Human Society of the United States’ first global ambassador for animal rights. In early 2014 Kesha had to receive rehabilitation treatment concerning her eating disorder which believed to be the effect of Dr. Luke recording company’s demand to maintain the thin body.


She Gets Sexier Look

The singer is notable with juvenile stage manner and her songs commonly related with party and nightlife. The fame that she had already received does not make her happy enough, and she thought that she needs better look in order to maintain her musical career. Kesha plastic surgery rumor is not a new thing in Hollywood entertainment media because of the significant changes which can be observed from Kesha photographs. One of the most obvious change in her look is her body features her bottom particularly. It is suggested that Kesha had an injection as the procedure of plastic surgery in order to give her fuller and bigger bottom and People believe that the singer’s current look is the result of plastic surgery which she had done to reform her physical features. The successful plastic surgery seems to give her more confidence in performing on stage and showing her ‘naughty’ look. Additionally, many people believe that Kesha had done several other plastic surgery procedure until she gets her current look.

What Are the Other Procedure?

Plastic surgery seems to be a miracle for Kesha since she gained many benefits from all the procedures she had taken. People assumed that the singer of TikTokhas transformed into more beautiful entertainer compared to her old appearance. For her face, Kesha is assumed to have had facelift in order to maintain her youthful look without any signs of aging like wrinkles and lines. It can be observed from her images that the party lover has been significantly changed from the first time she appeared in public as a singer. The changes on her look seems to influence her career as Kesha’s popularity does not decreased as she gets more plastic surgery. Now there is more that we can hope except wishing she will not get everything overdone and her beauty transformation turns into disaster for her appearance and career.

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