Kate Hudson Gets Sexier Now

Born as Kate Garry Hudson, her name rose to prominence in 2001 following her winning of a Golden Globe and receiving several nominations for her successful acting in Almost Famous. Since then she was appointed to several important roles in some movies including How to Lose a Guy, Raising Helen, and The Skeleton Key. Another Hudson’s important performance during her career as an actress is when she played a recurring role on the musical comedy-drama television series Glee, in which she appointed to play the character of Cassandra July. Before her successful appearance in Almost Famous, Hudson has played in several lesser known films including Gossip and 200 Cigarettes. In 2008 Hudson certified in scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef for underwater scenes of Fool’s Gold. In the following year, her dancing skill was critically acclaimed as she appeared in the musical film Nine. Hudson’s acting skill seems to be inherited from her father, Bill Hudson, an actor, comedian and musician who was also an Academy Award winner. However, the actress stated that ‘she is a hard worker’ and does not want to be associated with her well-known parents. Additionally, Hudson does not experience a good relationship with her biological father who divorced eighteen months after her birth. On the other hand, the actress considered Kurt Russell, her mother’s long-time boyfriend as her father.


Bigger Breast for Better Look

The rumor about Kate Hudson plastic surgery is not something new in Hollywood entertainment media and people have been talking about some changes in the actress’ look for some time. You may do not need to have a close look or observe her thoroughly because the result of plastic surgery is quite obvious to be seen by naked eyes. Since her first appearance in an acting career, people know that Hudson is thin and has flat breasts. But now, say goodbye to flat breasts because after plastic surgery she is sexier than before with fuller and bigger breasts. Several photographs are taken when she wears a bikini, and it is clear that from those before and after plastic surgery images we can conclude that she had undergone breast implants. Good fortune for the Glee cast because she really gets better appearance compared to her previous appearance. She does not have overdone surgical procedure for her breasts, making it looks natural and suitable for her natural body weight and form. Hopefully, the result that Kate Hudson gets after plastic surgery makes her happier and more confident than before the procedure is taken.


Better Nose, Too

Well, it seems like breast is not enough for Hudson. For this thing, we may need a closer look to check whether the actress’ facial feature is the result of plastic surgery. Try to check some before and after plastic surgery photos and maybe you will recognize a small change in her nose. People believe that Hudson had done Rhinoplasty plastic surgery procedure in order to make a better form of her nose. Before plastic surgery, she has more bulbous and rounded nose tip which looked less feminine and contrasted her image as an elegant and pretty actress. Plastic surgery seems to be the best solution taken by the actress to give her better form for her nose. Currently Hudson’s face looks more feminine with smaller nose tip, which shown on before and after plastic surgery photographs.

Up to these days, there has been no official statement from the actress concerning the rumor of Kate. And media will keep talking about her current look as one example of successful plastic surgery among Hollywood actresses.

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