Katherine Kelly Lang Plastic Surgery – A Lasted Beauty Queen

Katherine Kelly Lang is an American actress who publicly known for her role as Brooke Logan on The Bold and the Beautiful.Born in Hollywood, California on 25 July 1961, Lang has acting blood runs through her veins from her grandfather who was an Oscar-winning cinematographer, Charles Lang; and also from her mother actress Judith Lang.She started her acting career in 1979 as her first credit role appeared in the movie Skatetown, U.S.A. Following her first appearance, Lang was appointed to play several guest roles in various television series, including The Powers of Matthew Star and Masquerade. During her long-time career as an actress, Lang mostly appears in television series and get critical acclaims for her acting skill on several shows including the longer-running Riptide, Happy Days, The Fall Guy and Subliminal Seduction. Lang plays one of the longest-serving actresses in The Bold and the Beautiful as Brooke Logan since its first premiere in 1987. Also known as B&B, the show centers on the Forrester family and their fashion house business, Forrester Creations. The Bold and the Beautiful has become the most-watched soap in the world and has also won several awards and received some nominations, including 31 Daytime Emmy Awards. And Lang’s dedication to the show earned her with seven Soap Opera Digest Award nominations, beginning in 1991 and most recently in 2005, including three times winning of Most Valuable Professional Ward for Best Soap Opera Actress and several Boomerang Awards.


Flawless Face for Long Career

We should appreciate the long career which Lang has been carried out since 1979 as an experienced actress, as not many entertainers enable to maintain their career for such a long period. And like it or not, appearance generally becomes such an essential aspect of entertainments’ career, and they will need more treatment to maintain their good looks and appearances. For Lang, the youthful look seems to be an important thing, and the actress’ current appearance is the result of plastic surgery. The assumption and rumors about Katherine Kelly Lang plastic surgery rose into public’s discussion following uploaded several photographs of before and after plastic surgery. From the images, we can observe something unnatural on Lang’s appearance, particularly on her facial feature and skin. The surgical procedure believed to be taken by Lang are facelift and Botox injections. The result of plastic surgery is quite obvious, how she seems to be ageless and does not experience any signs of aging. For most people, wrinkles and lines are one of the common aging sign which is inevitable as a man grows older. Before plastic surgery, she was a beautiful woman, everyone agree about that; and the actress supposed to maintain her beauty in order to keep her career on top.

Frozen Face

Katherine Kelly Lang’s plastic surgery can be classified as one of successful plastic surgery stories as everything looks fine about her look, except her frozen face. It can be seen from the photographs of Katherine Kelly Lang, how she can no longer be able to show expressions on her face as one of the consequences of facelift and Botox surgical procedures. It may be hard to deal with since she may hope to have an eternal beauty and keep her youthful look even when she is no longer young. On the other hand, it is not a good thing for an actress to have such a frozen and stiff face, because it will make them unable to make facial expression which is needed in acting performance. Hopefully, plastic surgery is really a good decision for the actress to maintain her successful career.

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