Kym Johnson Plastic Surgery – The Beautiful Dancer Rocks the World

Kym Johnson is an Australian professional ballroom dancer, television performer as host and model who born in 4 August 1976. She started her career as a dancer since she was very young, exactly on the age of three then continued to join ballroom dancing at 13 years old. In her early career, particularly in 1998, she and her partner placed second at the Australian Dancesport Championships in the Open Amateur Modern Ballroom. Also with Lithuanian Tomas Atkocevicius, they become the finalists in the U.K. Ballroom Championships at Blackpool. In 2001, Johnson decided to retire from the competitive ballroom but continued dancing on stage. Since the time she has appeared in a number of dancing events and films including Burn the Floor, which is a touring ballroom dance production, performing at Elton John’s 50th Birthday party, dancing at the Blade Runner launch party and also performing in the film Strictly Ballroom. Johnson gained public attention and acclaim for her appearance on Dancing with the Stars, an international televised ballroom dance competition. She appeared on Seasons 1-3 Dancing with the Stars in Australia in 2004 and 2005 and won the Season 2 with her partner, Tom Williams. Later in 2006 Johnson appeared on season 3 of the US Dancing with the Stars by partnering with Jerry Springer. In total, she has been performing in thirteen seasons in Dancing with the Stars United States and winning two of them, in the 9th and 12th season with partners Donny Osmond and Hines Ward. She also placed second in 4th and 7th season with Joey Fatone and Warren Sapp as her partners, respectively.


Injections for Her Face

Kym Johnson plastic surgery was one of the most notable rumors in Hollywood as people find some significant change in her look which can be observed from Kym Johnson photographs in several websites. People notice that in her age of 38, Johnson does not look to show any aging signs like wrinkles and line. Some people argue that the current look of the dancer is the result of plastic surgery. Several filler injections including Botox is one of the plastic surgery procedures that Johnson has had taken in order to give her younger look. From the comparison of before and after plastic surgery we can see that she has smooth and flawless face although she is no longer young. We can say that the dancer enjoys some benefits from the surgical procedure as she looks younger compared to before plastic surgery. It seems that she has been found a way to deal with aging signs which are actually inevitable for anyone. And love it or not, for the entertainer, appearance is one of an essential factors to support their career. The demand may be one of the triggering factors which made her decide to go under the knife.

Lifted Brows for Younger Look

Besides having several injections on her face, she also has an injection on forehead and brow lift to support her younger look. After plastic surgery shows that currently she has flawless forehead with lifted brows, makes her look like much younger than her age supposed to indicate. She looks more confident with the result of the procedures as she has fresher appearance compared to before plastic surgery, and her new look seems to support her career and increase her fame as an entertainer. With younger and fresher look that she gets as the result of plastic surgery, Johnson is enabled to maintain her successful career as an international dancer. However in some photographs of Kym Johnson, she seems to have quite a monstrous look with her lifted brows that does not work well for her appearance.

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