Kwanghee, The Member Of ZE:A – Having Plastic Surgery is Not Shameful

Kwanghee is one of the member of the nine-member South Korean boy band ZE:A which managed by Star Empire Entertainment. He made his debut with the band in 2010 with the single Mazeltov.With ZE:A he has released two studio albums and two mini albums under the Korean discography category.Instead of his career as a singer, Kwanghee is also known well for being a star in the variety shows. He also known for his philanthropic activity including his participation in 2011 Environment Day event in Seoul where he joined in a “clothes layering game”. During the event he shocked everyone by putting on 252 layers of T-shirts and earning him a Guinness World Record for the most T-shirts worn. Kwanghee went on We Got Married with Secret’s Sunhwa until the last episode on April 2013. In acting career, Kwanghee played a role as Choi Gyu-Chui in the 2012 movie Marrying The Mafia 5 – Return of the Mafia. In the following year he appeared as Timothy in Gladiator-Rome’s Secret Birth of a Hero. Kwanghee has more experience for his role in drama, including Prosecutor Princess and Gloria in 2010 in which he played with fellow members of ZE:A in both drama. In the following year he appointed as cameo and supporting role for Vampire Idol and Detectives in Trouble. He still received a role as a cameo for the drama shows in 2012 including Salamander Guru and The Shadows, My Husband Got a Family, Standby and To the Beautiful You.


Transformation of Ducking to Swan

If you ever heard of the transformation of ducking to swan, Kwanghee plastic surgery is the real story of it. It is hard to believe such a perfect transformation when you observe his photograph, and praise all the procedures of plastic surgery. What we have previously as Kwanghee was a man with weird long and beaked nose, single eyelid and he was far from the word of ‘attractive’. And following series of well-handed cosmetic surgery procedures, After plastic surgery he shows to the public of South Korean as a prince with very charming look. Being a public figure is not easy, especially if you compete in South Korea where every one of them should be perfect especially in the look. By this reason plastic surgery is actually not a unusual phenomenon among the South Korean celebrities. One more interesting thing about Kwanghee is how the member of ZE:A openly admitted to the media that his current look is actually a successful result of plastic surgery.

Becoming a Model for Plastic Surgery

His bravery to admit his experience to conduct cosmetic surgery is another thing which people mostly talk about concerning the case of Kwanghee. Without any doubts he admitted to the media that he was hoping to be a singer, but he realized that his real face will never make his dream comes true. To conduct surgical procedure is actually not easy, he needed to prepare some money in his pocket and much courage in her heart. It is such a fortune for him to get the perfect result of plastic surgery following several works for his eyes, nose, lips and skin tone. The singer never feel ashamed to show the plastic surgery result when he talks publicly as the Korean model for plastic surgery. Yes, following his successful story of transformation, Kwanghee dedicated himself to be the model or spokesperson of plastic surgery with his aim to help anyone who think about going under knife. His attempt is actually good for his career, since people even adore him more following his bravery to admit plastic surgery and his attempt to help others.

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